Pro Bono

Pro Bono Services

The Bradley County Bar Association has always been an active participant in providing pro bono (free) legal services to those who qualify for Legal Aid, as well as those who have urgent legal needs but don’t quite qualify for legal aid requirements.

In participation with the Southeastern Region Legal Aid office, our Bar Association set up a program where legal clinics are held in actual law offices of attorneys in a one-to-one direct consultation setting. Those persons who qualify for Legal Aid are referred through the Legal Aid office to established attorneys in Cleveland, Tennessee, for a specific office conference to discuss their legal need.

Attorneys sign up for various calendar dates to volunteer two hour segments of their office time. Each attorney can handle four appointments on the scheduled time, giving each person a half-hour consultation. The schedule is established in advance for an entire year of activity. The consults are arranged with Cleveland, Tennessee attorneys and monitored in their Cleveland offices by personnel from the Southeastern Legal Aid office.