Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Presentations

Attorneys keep up with changing laws through Continuing Legal Education seminars. All attorneys in Tennessee, with few exceptions, must obtain 12 hours of CLE general credits, and 3 hours of Ethical topic credits annually to maintain their license to practice law. These seminars bring attention to detailed aspects of the law and law practice and all changes that occur to existing law through legislative enactments. Our Bar Association members, in addition to attending seminars throughout the year that qualify for credits (one hour of programming equals one credit hour), get to hear qualified presenters at Bar Association meetings where CLE qualified programs are presented for credits. All such programs must be approved in advance by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education as qualifying in content for the earning of credits. Here is a review of the programs that have been presented at our Bar Association meetings:

05/13/2014 Role of Accident Reconstruction in Litigation
04/08/2014 Law Practice Management: How to Streamline Everyday Productivity with Windows Surface Tablet and Advanced iPad applications.
03/11/2014 Annual Review-Civil Procedure Local Rules 10th Judicial District and Do’s and Don’ts of Ethical Conduct in the Courtroom
02/11/2014 Legislative Update on Tennessee Laws and Initiatives Affecting Law Practice in Tennessee
01/14/2014 Top 10 Risk Management Tips for Attorneys: How to Enhance Your Practice to Avoid Ethical Disputes and Related Professional Liability Issues
10/08/2013 Ethical Principles of Comparative Law: Comparing American and Afghan Jurisprudence.
09/10/2013 iPad for Lawyers: How To Use It Effectively In Your Law Practice and The Courtroom
08/13/2013 The Tennessee Judicial Conference: Its Functions and Agenda, and What It Means to Attorneys
07/09/2013 The TBA’s Proposed Attorney Mentoring Program: A Rising Trend in the Legal Profession
06/11/2013 What You Need to Know About the Attorney Disciplinary Process: Taming The Fear of the Board of Professional Responsibility
04/09/2013 Important Considerations in Preparing the Appellate Record in a Criminal Case
03/13/2013 Strategies in Asking for and Answering Written Discovery in Civil Cases
02/13/2013 Estate Planning for Simple Estates
01/08/2013 Insight from the Tennessee Supreme Court on Appellate Advocacy
11/13/2012 VA Benefits for Long Term Care
04/14/2010 Ethics and Courtroom Decorum
03/10/2010 Legislative updates
02/10/2010 Law Office Management
11/12/2007 Parenting Plans, Family Law, Mediation and Ethics In The Tenth Judicial District
04/09/2007 Technology and the Appellate Court Clerk’s Office and Appellate Practice Pointers
02/12/2007 Local Practice in the 10th Judicial District–2007 Update
09/20/2006 Court Security Training
04/10/2006 Local Practice in the 10th Judicial District